History Of i5000

     In 2007, i5000 was founded in Olympia, Washington by Ian Sharlow and Patrick Waymire, We have since went through many team changes. for a short time between 2008-2011 we were known as Sharlow Tech. Patrick Waymire left the company in  mid-2009. In late-2009 Drew Walker joined the company, he left in 2010, between 2007 to early 2011 we have been developing engines and later scrapping them. Our current team consists of Ian Sharlow, Alex Kaplowitz, Jesse Peterson, Jacob Davis and Adrian Barry. As of early of 2011 we began work on Half Doom, and our state of the art engine that is as powerful as Valve's "Source Engine" and Epic Games' "Unreal Engine 3". This engine will power our debut title, Paradox, that has a release date before the end of next year. We are based in Olympia, Washington.